Michael A. Newton

Position title: Department Chair and Professor, Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics and Department of Statistics

Email: newton@biostat.wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: 263-0357 Fax: 262-0032

2120 UWBC / 203 WARF

Research Interests:
Dr. Newton's research concerns statistical inference problems from the biological sciences, especially the use and development of stochastic models, empirical Bayesian methods, advanced statistical computing, and high-dimensional inference. In addition to research on data-science methodology, he has worked extensively in collaborative projects, especially where the analysis of high-dimensional molecular, genetic, or genomic measurements is required. He enjoys the challenge of applying effective statistical methods to potentially complex experimental settings, to formulating statistical theory questions that recur in this domain, and generally to advancing biomedical science using statistics. He has made extensive contributions to the statistics of transcript analysis, gene-set enrichment, T-cell repertoire analysis, and peptide-array analysis, for example, and has had the good fortune to collaborate with many investigators in clinical and basic departments throughout the SMPH.
Michael Newton