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Professor Emeritus


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Research Interests:
Methods for the analyses of clinical trials, sequential methods used for interim analysis, monitoring accumulating data for clinical trials, survival and longitudinal studies.
Lan-DeMets Software
FORTRAN programs for the computation of boundaries and exit probabilities in the sequential analysis of clinical trials

Course Materials

Data Monitoring Committee – Register to view the DMC training video
DMC Video Information
Spring 1992-2007 Biostatistics and Medical Informatics 542 (Introduction to Clinical Trials)
Clinical Trials Online Lectures – at the UW Institute for Clinical & Translational Research

Conferences & Talks

2012 DeMets 30th Year Conference:

Dave DeMets 30th Year Conference Agenda


  • Introduction & Session 1
    Introduction: Kyungman Kim, Robert Golden, Marvin Zelen
    Session1: Janet Wittes, Lawrence Friedman, Curt Furberg, Nancy Geller
  • Session 2
    Tom Cook, Charles Hennekens, Robert Califf, Marc Pfeffer
  • Session 3
    Susan Ellenberg, Frank Rockhold, George Williams
  • Session 4
    Anastasios Tsiatis, K.K. Gordon Lan, Tom Fleming
  • Second Day Conference Introduction
    Paul Rathouz, Paul Deluca, Phillip Farrell, Marc Drezner
  • Session 5
    Charlie Casper, Joshua Chen, José Pinheiro, Peng Qu, David Reboussin, Michelle Roth-Cline
  • Session 6 Panel Discussion
    Chair: KyungMann Kim Panelists: DeJuran Richardson, Stephen Gange, Fred Yang, Xiaoyin Fan, Zhengqing Li, Muhammad Jalaluddin
  • Closing Remarks
    Paul Rathouz
2015 DeMets ENAR Presidential Address:

2015 ENAR Keynote Speakers

ENAR 2015 David DeMets Presidential Talk (slides) contact Dr. DeMets if you would like the powerpoint version of the slides.

Research Interests

Methods for the analyses of clinical trials, sequential methods used for interim analysis, monitoring accumulating data for clinical trials, survival and longitudinal studies.


Dr. DeMets has over 200 publications. Complete List.

Selected Publications

Below is a sampling with links to abstracts or full text when available:

Statistical Methods Papers

DeMets D, Halperin M: “Estimation of a simple regression coefficient in samples arising from a sub-sampling procedure. ” Biometrics, 33:47-56, 1977.

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Collaborative Papers through 2006

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