Thomas D. Cook

Position title: Professor (CHS)


Phone: Phone: 608-263-2906

WARF Office Building, Room 265F
610 Walnut Street
Madison, WI 53726

Research Interests:
Design and analysis of clinical trials, Causal inference in randomized trials. Details: A primary area of interest is the design, monitoring and analysis of controlled clinical trials. Specific interests include methods for adjusting sample sizes/recruitment rates in order to maintain study power as trials unfold and interim data becomes available. I have written an made available software which to facilitate such decisions for trials with survival endpoints. Another issue in the interim monitoring of clinical trials with survival endpoints is incompleteness of interim data, specifically those attributed to delays in reporting potential primary events as well as to delays in the adjudication of reported events. I have developed methods for accounting for delays in adjudication and am working in combine these methods with techniques which account for reporting delays. Another specific interest is the production of data monitoring reports. Data monitoring reports must be produced in a timely fashion, often with large numbers of variables which must be presented in various formats. Furthermore, data monitoring committees must be able to digest the information presented quickly and accurately in order to make timely decisions regarding the conduct of the trial. The most efficient mode of presentation is usually graphical and computer software has been created to efficiently analyze large amounts of accumulating data and create useful reports.
Tom Cook