Technical Reports

Archive of technical reports produced through work in the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics.

wdt_ID TR# Title Author Year PDF
1 230 A Systematic Selection Method for the Development of Cancer Staging Systems Yunzhi Lin, Richard Chappell, and Mithat Goenen 2012
2 228 Persistent Brain Network Homology from the Perspective of Dendrogram Lee H, Hyejin K, M K. Chung, B Kim, and D Soo Lee 2012
6 227 Discrete mixture regression models for heterogenous time-to-event data; Cox assisted clustering Eng K. and Hanlon B. 2012
7 226 EBSeq: An empirical Bayes hierarchical model for inference in RNA-seq experiments Leng N, Dawson J, Thomson J, Ruotti V, Rissman A, Smits B, Haag J, Gould M, Stewart R and Kendziorski C 2012
9 225 Survival-supervised latent Dirichlet allocation models for genomic analysis of time-to-event outcomes Dawson, J and Kendziorski C 2011
11 224 Normalization of ChIP-seq data with control Liang, K and Keles, S 2011
12 223 Haplotype probabilities in advanced intercross populations Broman, KW 2011
TR# Title Author Year PDF


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