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Clinical Trial and Biostatistics Think Tank – Working Session


Clinical Trial and Biostatistics Think Tank

Working Session:

The Clinical Trials Program of the Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics provides working sessions entitled “Clinical Trial and Biostatistics Think Tank.” The purpose of these working sessions is to facilitate a collaborative environment between clinical investigators and biostatisticians when a trial proposal is brought forth. Early discussions have shown to be beneficial to both the investigator and the statistical team. Study design and early planning are key factors for success in grant funding and ultimate implementation of clinical trials. These sessions will be held from time to time when a clinical investigator approaches the Clinical Trials Program and would like to consult and collaborate on a randomized controlled trial proposal.  We will work with the investigator to find a date/time that works to hold the working session. Prior investigators have found these sessions to be very helpful.

If you are interested in receiving future announcements and signing up for an email list, please contact Kelly Miller at or (608) 262-8141.

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