Founding Chair Dave DeMets Spearheads Society for Clinical Trials Data Monitoring Committee Initiative

The Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) launched a Data Monitoring Committee initiative, which was born out of the recognition that there is a dearth of people qualified to serve on Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs). BMI founding chair, Dr. Dave DeMets, along with Dr. Dean Ferguson, initiated this conversation in 2019. The conversation resulted in the formation of a planning committee. SCT joined forces with TransCelerate to develop this program, to which SCT holds the copyright.

The initiative includes three components:

  1. Training – SCT is making several lectures developed under Dr. DeMets leadership available at no cost. The speakers are world leaders in the science and practice of DMC. The videos are available free of charge at SCT’s website:
  2. Registry – SCT created a registry for people interested in serving as DMC members. Any individual can register their interest – including providing how much, if any, experience they have on the topic. Anyone who is interesting in serving on a DMC can register here:
  3. Mentoring – SCT will use information from the registry to offer mentoring opportunities to those who need or want it.

Congratulations to Dr. DeMets, the Society for Clinical Trials, TransCelerate, and the rest of the planning committee for this contribution to data monitoring committees and clinical trials.