Mayampurath and Hu join BMI faculty

We are delighted to welcome assistant professors Anoop Mayampurath and Junjie Hu to the BMI faculty.

Dr. Mayampurath is a clinical informatics expert who joined us from the University of Chicago, where he focused on predicting deterioration in hospitalized children using machine learning models and large-scale multi-center EHR data. He earned his PhD in informatics with a minor in statistics from Indiana University in 2013, after which he developed algorithms for biomarker discovery and applied statistical models to patient outcomes research. He is already well integrated into the BMI and SMPH research communities through ongoing research collaborations with Dr. Matthew Churpek and Dr. Majid Afshar, who are both in the Department of Medicine. Anoop’s office is 265H in WARF.

Dr. Hu joined us from his PhD program at Carnegie-Mellon University, where he studied machine learning, specifically natural language processing, with Professors Graham Neubig and Jaime Carbonell as his advisors. His goal is to build robust intelligent systems to support multilingual human-machine communication, break language barriers, and democratize language techniques to serve a broader population of people speaking different language from diverse communities. He works at the intersection of natural language processing, machine learning, and computational linguistics. Junjie’s office is 2120 Biotech Center.