BMI Strategic Planning Underway

The Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics has launched its first ever formal strategic planning process, which we will complete by mid-September of 2021. We are working with Deb Gurke, a consultant from the Office of Strategic Planning, to develop our plan.

We thank the members of the core strategic planning committee for their participation in this important process. The committee represents the breadth of department activities, and includes faculty, staff, and students.

Data gathering

  • We completed a department climate survey earlier this year.
  • Focus groups were held the week of April 26 to gather input from the department and external stakeholders.


The strategic planning process we’ll use has five key steps, each of which will be addressed in one meeting of the core strategic planning committee, followed by a final meeting to review the draft plan.

  1. Environmental Scan
    – Current state and hopes for the future
    – When? early-mid May
  2. Values and Mission
    – What values are important to the department?
    – What’s our mission?
    – When? mid-late May
  3. Practical Vision
    – Where do we want to be in 3-5 years?
    – When? mid-late June
  4. Underlying Contradictions
    – What gaps do we need to close so we can achieve our vision?
    – When? early-mid July
  5. Strategic Directions
    – What specific, strategic steps can we take to achieve our practical vision?
    – When? mid-late July
  6. Review Draft Plan
    – Review plan before submitting to the department chair
    – When? early-mid August

Committee Members

William Annis
Jen Birstler
Olive Buhule
Sue Carlson
Guanhua Chen
Jojo Cheng
Colin Dewey
Tony Gitter
Li Ge
Yin Li
Qiongshi Lu
Lu Mao
Shelley Maxted
Michael Newton
Irene Ong
Sushmita Roy
Emmanuel Sampene
Renee Zook

Direct any questions to Sue Carlson at