Newton and Kim on Team Awarded $12.5M NCI Grant to Develop Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Congratulations to Professors Michael Newton and KyungMann Kim for their role in a successful $12.5M grant application to explore using targeted radionuclide therapy followed by immunotherapy to help the immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells. This NCI award will allow the research team, led by Dr. Jamey Weichert and Dr. Zachary Morris, to use animal models to further develop this approach to treating a variety of cancers, including prostate and canine cancers.

Targeted radionuclide therapy followed by immunotherapy allows researchers to target tumors systemically, regardless of the number of tumors or where they are located. Dr. Weichert noted, “I often describe it as scuffing up the tumor with this low amount of radiation to make it easier for the immune system to recognize it.”

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