Postdoctoral Research Position – Biostatistical Methodology

The Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) invites application for a post-doctoral researcher (PR) position in biostatistical methodology under the mentorship of Dr. Lu Mao ( This position is open immediately until filled, with an expected appointment length of 2 years. The PR will receive balanced training in both methodological and collaborative research. The overall goal of this training plan is to prepare the PR for his/her eventual independence and success in the academia.

Specifically, the position involves (NIH-funded) methodological research in one or more of the following areas (aiming at publication in top-tier statistical journals):

  1. U-statistic theory and application to generalized win ratio methodology (see, e.g., Pocock et al. 2012, European Heart Journal)
  2. Analysis of non-randomized cohorts in clinical trials
  3. Causal inference in randomized controlled trials with non-compliance
  4. Statistical and machine-learning methods in diagnostic medicine

In close alignment with the methodological topics, the PR will also have hands-on opportunities to apply his/her methods to appropriate biomedical studies in a collaborative setting. Potential projects and collaborators include (but are not limited to):

  1. Cancer and cardiovascular clinical trials with the Data Coordinating Center of UW-Madison led by Prof. KyungMann Kim (;
  2. Evaluation of diagnostic tests and/or quantitative imaging biomarkers with PIs from the Departments of Radiology and Medical Physics at UW-Madison.

Candidate Qualifications

The candidate must have a PhD degree in Statistics, Biostatistics, or a related quantitative field. The following qualifications are highly valued: (a) Strong background in (bio)statistical theory and methodology; (b) Proficiency/experience in R-package development using computer languages such as C/C++ or Python; (c) Excellent writing and communication skills.

 Application Instructions

Applicants should send the following to Dr. Lu Mao (

  1. CV;
  2. Research statement (be sure to explain how your background makes you well suited for the position);
  3. Contact information (affiliation, phone, and email) for three professional references.

Contact Dr. Mao directly with questions.